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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


23-807.  Compelling attendance of witnesses — Immunity of witnesses — Authority of enforcement officers. The director of the Idaho state police and any prosecuting attorney of any county, for the purposes contemplated by this act, have power to issue subpoenas, compel the attendance of witnesses, administer oaths, certify to official acts, take depositions within and without the state of Idaho, as now provided by law, compel the production of pertinent books, payrolls, accounts, papers, records, documents and testimony. If a person in attendance before such director or prosecuting attorney refuses, without reasonable cause, to be examined or to answer a legal and pertinent question, or to produce a book or paper or other evidence when ordered so to do by the director or prosecuting attorney, said director or prosecuting attorney may apply to the judge of the district court of the county where such person is in attendance, upon affidavit for an order returnable not less than two (2) or more than five (5) days, directing such person to show cause before such judge, or any other judge of such district, why he should not be punished for contempt; upon the hearing of such order, if the judge shall determine that such person has refused, without reasonable cause or legal excuse, to be examined or to answer a legal or pertinent question, or to produce a book or paper which he was ordered to bring or produce, he may forthwith punish the offender as for contempt of court.
No person shall be excused from testifying or from producing any books or papers or documents in any investigation or inquiry by or upon any hearing before any officer so authorized upon the ground that the testimony or evidence, books, papers or documents required of him may tend to incriminate him or subject him to penalty or forfeiture; but no person shall be prosecuted, punished or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any act, transaction, matter or thing concerning which he shall, under oath, have, by order of the said officer, testified to or produced documentary evidence of; provided, however, that no person so testifying shall be exempt from prosecution or punishment for any perjury testified by him.
Subpoenas shall be served and witness fees and mileage paid as allowed in civil cases in the district courts of this state.
Inspectors and investigators employed by the Idaho state police for the enforcement of this act shall have all the authority given by statute to peace officers of the state of Idaho, including authority to serve and execute warrants of arrest and warrants of search and seizure.

[23-807, added 1939, ch. 222, sec. 1107, as added by 1943, ch. 175, sec. 4, p. 369; am. 1974, ch. 27, sec. 15, p. 811; am. 2000, ch. 469, sec. 60, p. 1510.]

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