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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


23-902.  Definitions. The following words and phrases used in this chapter shall be given the following interpretation:
(1)  "Club" includes any of the following organizations where the sale of spirituous liquor for consumption on the premises is made to members and to bona fide guests of members only:
(a)  A post, chapter, camp or other local unit composed solely of veterans and their duly recognized auxiliary, and which is a post, chapter, camp or other local unit composed solely of veterans which has been chartered by the congress of the United States for patriotic, fraternal or benevolent purposes, and which has, as the owner, lessee or occupant, operated an establishment for that purpose in this state; or
(b)  A chapter, aerie, parlor, lodge or other local unit of an American national fraternal organization, which has, as the owner, lessee or occupant, operated an establishment for fraternal purposes in this state and actively operates in not less than thirty-six (36) states or has been in continuous existence for not less than twenty (20) years; and which has no fewer than fifty (50) bona fide members in each unit, and which owns, maintains or operates club quarters, and is authorized and incorporated to operate as a nonprofit club under the laws of this state, and which has recognized tax exempt status under section 501(c)(8) or 501(c)(10) of the Internal Revenue Code, and has been continuously incorporated and operating for a period of not less than one (1) year. The club shall have had, during that period of one (1) year, a bona fide membership with regular meetings conducted at least once each month, and the membership shall be and shall have been actively engaged in carrying out the objects of the club. The club membership shall consist of bona fide dues-paying members, recorded by the secretary of the club, paying at least six dollars ($6.00) per year in dues, payable monthly, quarterly or annually; and the members at the time of application for a club license shall be in good standing, having paid dues for at least one (1) full year.
(2)  "Convention" means a formal meeting of members, representatives, or delegates, as of a political party, fraternal society, profession or industry.
(3)  "Director" means the director of the Idaho state police.
(4)  "Festival" means a period or program of festive activities, cultural events or entertainment lasting three (3) or more consecutive days.
(5)  "Gaming" means any and all gambling or games of chance defined in chapters 38 and 49, title 18, Idaho Code, or any section or sections thereof, whether those games are licensed or unlicensed.
(6)  "Interdicted person" means a person to whom the sale of liquor is prohibited under law.
(7)  "License" means a license issued by the director to a qualified person, under which it shall be lawful for the licensee to sell and dispense liquor by the drink at retail, as provided by law.
(8)  "Licensee" means the person to whom a license is issued under the provisions of law.
(9)  "Liquor" means all kinds of liquor sold by and in a state liquor store of the state of Idaho.
(10) "Live performance" means a performance occurring in a theater and not otherwise in violation of any provision of Idaho law.
(11) "Municipal license" means a license issued by a municipality of the state of Idaho under the provisions of law.
(12) "Party" means a social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement and includes, but is not limited to, such social events as weddings, birthdays, and special holiday celebrations to include, but not be limited to, New Year’s celebrations, Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.
(13) "Person" means any individual, corporation, business corporation, nonprofit corporation, benefit corporation as defined in section 30-2002(1), Idaho Code, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, general cooperative association, limited cooperative association, estate, unincorporated nonprofit association, statutory trust, business trust, common-law business trust, estate trust, association, joint venture, public corporation, government or governmental subdivision, agency or instrumentality, any entity defined in section 30-21-102, Idaho Code, or any other commercial entity, whether conducting the business singularly or collectively.
(14) "Plaza" means a public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a city or town.
(15) "Premises" means the building and contiguous property owned or leased or used under a government permit by a licensee, as part of the business establishment in the business of sale of liquor by the drink at retail, which property is improved to include decks, docks, boardwalks, lawns, gardens, golf courses, ski resorts, courtyards, patios, poolside areas or similar improved appurtenances in which the sale of liquor by the drink at retail is authorized under the provisions of law.
(16) "Rules" means rules promulgated by the director in accordance with the provisions of law.
(17) "State liquor store" means a liquor store or distributor established under and pursuant to the laws of the state of Idaho for the package sale of liquor at retail.
(18) "Theater" means a room, place or outside structure for performances or readings of dramatic literature, plays or dramatic representations of an art form not in violation of any provision of Idaho law.
(19) "Brewery" means a place, premises or establishment for the manufacture, bottling or canning of beer.
(20) "Winery" means a place, premises or establishment within the state of Idaho for the manufacture or bottling of table wine or dessert wine for sale. Two (2) or more wineries may use the same premises and the same equipment to manufacture their respective wines, to the extent permitted by federal law.
(21) All other words and phrases used in this chapter, the definitions of which are not herein given, shall be given their ordinary and commonly understood and acceptable meanings.

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