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25-3203.  Establishing standards for establishments prior to application for license. The license referred to in section 25-3202, Idaho Code, shall be issued to an establishment only if the following requirements are met:
(1)  A fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for the issuance of a license shall be paid to the state by the licensee, subject to renewal each year.
(2)  All rendering establishments and establishments processing 4-D animals are to be constructed in such a manner as to protect the finished product and to prevent pollution of surrounding environment or creation of a nuisance to the public.
(3)  All rendering material shall be transported to the rendering establishment in covered and leak-proof vehicles, such vehicles to be used for this purpose only and to be cleaned and disinfected after delivering each load.
(4)  All rendering material shall be heated to a sufficient temperature for a sufficient length of time to destroy all pathogens and processed under sanitary procedures that prohibit the recontamination of the product after cooking.
(5)  The finished product shall be transported from the rendering establishment or the establishment processing 4-D animals in a clean vehicle in such a manner that will prevent contamination.
(6)  Rendering establishments and establishments processing 4-D animals may be inspected periodically by an inspector who may procure samples for laboratory testing.

[25-3203, added 1969, ch. 33, sec. 3, p. 57; am. 2014, ch. 97, sec. 7, p. 271.]

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