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25-3514.  Chapter construed not to interfere with normal or legal practices. No part of this chapter shall be construed as interfering with or allowing interference with:
(1)  Normal or accepted veterinary practices;
(2)  The humane slaughter of any animal normally and commonly raised as food, for production of fiber or equines;
(3)  Bona fide experiments or research carried out by professionally recognized private or public research facilities or institutions;
(4)  The humane destruction of an animal which is diseased or disabled beyond recovery for any useful purpose, or the humane destruction of animals for population control;
(5)  Normal or accepted practices of animal identification and animal husbandry as established by, but not limited to, guidelines developed and approved by the appropriate national or state commodity organizations;
(6)  The killing of any animal, by any person at any time, which may be found outside of the owned or rented property of the owner or custodian of such animal and which is found injuring or posing a threat to any person, farm animal or property;
(7)  The killing of an animal that is vicious by an animal control officer, law enforcement officer or veterinarian;
(8)  The killing or destruction of predatory animals, vermin or other animals or birds which are injuring or posing a threat to farm or privately owned animals or property, when such killing or destruction is conducted in accordance with laws and rules covering such animals;
(9)  Any other exhibitions, competitions, activities, practices or procedures normally or commonly considered acceptable.
The practices, procedures and activities described in this section shall not be construed to be cruel nor shall they be defined as cruelty to animals, nor shall any person engaged in these practices, procedures or activities be charged with cruelty to animals.

[25-3514, added 1994, ch. 346, sec. 15, p. 1095; am. 2010, ch. 55, sec. 1, p. 103.]

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