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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


25-618.  Bison — Management of diseased animals. (1) The legislature finds that significant potential exists for the spread of contagious disease to persons, livestock and other animals in Idaho, and in particular, the spread of brucellosis to livestock, elk, moose and other susceptible animals from bison emigrating into Idaho from Yellowstone national park and its environs. It is the purpose of the provisions of this section to provide for the management or eradication of bison which have not been reduced to captivity and which pose a threat to persons, livestock or other animals through the transmission of contagious disease, and to prescribe the duties of the department of agriculture with respect thereto.
(2)  When estrayed or migratory bison exposed to or affected with brucellosis or other communicable disease determined by the department to pose a significant threat to persons, livestock or other animals, enter into or are otherwise present within the state of Idaho, one (1) of the following actions will be taken by the department:
(a)  The live bison may be physically removed by the safest and most expeditious means from within the state boundaries. This means may include, but is not limited to, capture, trucking, hazing/aversion or delivery to a slaughterhouse approved by the department. This shall constitute the action of choice if at all feasible.
(b)  If live bison cannot safely or by reasonable and permanent means be removed from the state as provided in paragraph (a) of this subsection, they may be destroyed where they stand by the use of firearms. If firearms cannot be used with due regard for human safety and public and private property, the bison shall be relocated to a danger free area and destroyed by any practicable means of euthanasia, including the use of firearms.
(c)  When bison of necessity or unintentionally are killed through actions of the department, the carcass remains will be disposed of by the most economical means possible. This may include but is not limited to burying, incineration, rendering or field dressing for delivery to a departmentally approved slaughterhouse or slaughter destination.
(3)  The department shall promulgate such rules and regulations pursuant to chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, as it deems necessary to implement the provisions of this section.
(4)  Upon the request of the department of agriculture, the department of fish and game shall cooperate with and assist the department of agriculture in accomplishing the requirements of this section.

[25-618, added 1992, ch. 271, sec. 1, p. 842.]

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