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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1010.  Director may appoint agents. The director may, under his hand and seal, appoint and authorize an agent to assist him or act for him in the performance of any powers or duties hereunder, the certificate of appointment to be filed in the office of said director, and a certified copy thereof delivered to such agent. Such agent and other employees hereinafter mentioned, shall receive a salary, to be fixed as hereinafter provided, for the time he is actually engaged in the performance of such duties. The director may also employ such attorneys and procure such expert accountants and other experts, assistants and employees as may be necessary in the liquidation and distribution of the assets of any such bank, and the performance of his duties hereunder, and may retain such of the officers or employees of such bank as he may deem necessary. He shall require from the agent appointed by him and from such of the assistants as will have charge of any of the assets of the bank such security for the faithful discharge of their duties as he may deem proper.
The director may also designate any one of the examiners of the department of finance as a general liquidating agent, with his office in the department of finance, for the purpose of liquidating any one or all state banks in the process of liquidation, and for the purpose of conducting such liquidation under the direction of said director; and may authorize the said liquidating agent to employ such clerical help as may be necessary.
Liquidating agents and experts and clerical assistants shall receive a salary to be fixed by the director and necessary traveling and hotel expenses incurred in the performance of official duties. The salary of the liquidating agent and experts and necessary clerical assistance [assistants] and other expenses incurred by the said liquidating agent shall be borne equally and ratably by the bank or banks in process of liquidation under such agent’s charge in proportion to the total amount of resources of each of such banks. The funds for such expenses shall be raised by assessing each bank in ratio herein set forth and paying such expenses directly to the persons entitled thereto, without depositing any of such funds in the state treasury.
The compensation of the agents appointed by the director and of attorneys, expert accountants and other assistants, and all expenses of liquidation and distribution of a bank whose assets and business shall be taken possession of by the director, shall be fixed by the director, but subject to be approved by the judge of the district court of the county in which the bank is located, on notice to such bank. Except in cases of emergency, the compensation to be paid to attorneys and expert accountants shall be fixed and approved before services are rendered. When the compensation shall have been so fixed and approved and the services rendered, the same shall be paid out of the funds of such bank in the hands of the director, and shall be a proper charge and lien on the assets of such bank as herein provided.

[26-1010, added 1979, ch. 41, sec. 2, p. 105.]

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