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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1017.  Claims — Allowance and rejection. The director shall reject or allow all claims in (the) whole or in part, and on each claim allowed shall designate the order of its priority. If a claim is rejected or an order of priority allowed lower than that claimed, notice shall be given the claimant personally or by certified mail with a return receipt requested and an affidavit of the service of such notice, which shall be prima facie evidence thereof, filed in the office of the director. The action of the director shall be final unless an action be brought by the claimant against the bank in the proper court of the county where the bank is located within ninety (90) days after such service to fix the amount of the claim and its order of priority or either. An appeal from the director’s allowance, either as to priority or amount, may also be taken to the district court of such county by any party in interest by serving on the director notice thereof, stating the grounds of objection and filing the same in said court within thirty (30) days after allowance. Within five (5) days after such notice, the director shall file in the court, and serve on the appellant, a copy of the claim and his reasons for allowance. The court or judge shall, after five (5) days’ notice of time and place of hearing on the issues thus made, hear the proof of the parties and enter judgment reversing, affirming or modifying the director’s action.

[26-1017, added 1979, ch. 41, sec. 2, p. 108.]

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