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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1020.  Partial payment of claims — Calculation of dividends — Assignment of claims — Checks against closed bank. The director need not await the expiration of the time allowed for filing claims, as fixed in the notice to the creditors, for the payment of dividends, but he may, in his discretion, and if under the circumstances of the particular case he deems it expedient and safe, at any time after taking possession of said bank and prior to the expiration of such period fixed for filing of claims, if he has on hand in cash sufficient funds over and above the expenses of liquidation, make pro rata distribution to any class of creditors next entitled thereto, in the order of priority heretofore fixed, making such payment to said creditors as they appear on the books and records of the bank and determining the priority and basing his apportionment on the amount shown to be due by such books and records. At any time after the expiration of the date fixed for the presentation of claims against said bank and from time to time thereafter, when, in his discretion there are sufficient funds available therefor, the director shall, after making proper provision for the payment of expenses of liquidation, declare and pay dividends to all creditors of such bank pro rata in the order of their priority. If, after the time fixed for presentation of claims against the bank has expired, it appears that any person, prior to the expiration of said period, or at any other time, has been paid more than the pro rata amount due him as compared with the amounts then paid other creditors, nothing more shall be paid said creditor until such time as the payment made other creditors shall place them on equal footing. In calculating dividends, all disputed claims and deposits shall be taken into account and the amount of dividends upon such disputed claims or deposits shall be held by the director until the justice and validity of such claims or deposits shall have been finally determined. Claims against any bank in process of liquidation may be assigned as a whole, but partial assignments of such claims shall not be valid against the director of the department of finance or his agents in charge of such bank, nor recognized by them. Assignments of claims shall be binding upon the director only after the same have been filed and allowed by the director but not before, and only then subject to the payment of the assignor’s liabilities to the bank. Such assignment shall be made by filing written notice, signed by the original claimant, with the director or person in charge of said bank. No assigned claim may be offset against obligations due the bank. A check or draft drawn against any bank closed or taken possession of by the director, whether issued before or after closing thereof, shall not be recognized as a claim against said bank, or as an assignment of any amount, whether protested or not protested.

[26-1020, added 1979, ch. 41, sec. 2, p. 110.]

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