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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1709.  Effect, renewal, and revocation of licenses — Permissible activities. (1) When the director has issued a license to an international banking corporation, it may engage in the business authorized in this act at, and only at, the office specified in the license for a period not exceeding one (1) year from the date of the license or until the license is surrendered or revoked. No license is transferable or assignable. Every license shall be, at all times, conspicuously displayed in the place of business specified in the license.
(2)  The international banking corporation may renew the license annually upon application to the director upon forms to be supplied by the director for that purpose. The application for renewal shall be submitted to the director no later than sixty (60) days before the expiration of the license. The license may be renewed by the director upon a determination, with or without examination, that the international banking corporation is in a safe and satisfactory condition, that it has complied with applicable requirements of law, and that the renewal of the license is proper and has been duly authorized by proper corporate action. Each application for renewal of an international banking corporation license shall be accompanied by an annual renewal fee to be determined by the director by rule.
(3)  The director may revoke the license, with or without examination, upon a determination that the international banking corporation does not meet the criteria established by subsection (2) of this section for renewal of licenses.
(4)  If the director refuses to renew the license and, as a result, the license is revoked, all the rights and privileges of the international banking corporation to transact the business for which it was licensed shall immediately cease, and the license shall be surrendered to the director within twenty-four (24) hours after written notice of the decision has been mailed by the director to the registered office of the international banking corporation set forth in its application, as amended, or has been personally delivered to any officer, director, employee, or agent of the international banking corporation who is physically present in this state.
(5)  An international banking corporation licensed under this act to carry on business in this state as an international bank agency may conduct a general banking business through its international bank agency in the same manner as banks existing under the laws of this state, except that no international banking corporation shall, through its bank agency, exercise fiduciary powers or receive deposits, but may maintain for the account of others credit balances incidental to or arising out of the exercise of its lawful powers.

[26-1709, added 1995, ch. 99, sec. 10, p. 311.]

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