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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1713.  Dissolution. (1) When an international banking corporation licensed to maintain an international bank branch or an international bank agency in this state is dissolved or its authority or existence is otherwise terminated or canceled in the jurisdiction of its incorporation, a certificate of the official responsible for records of banking corporations of the jurisdiction of incorporation of the international banking corporation attesting to the occurrence of this event or a certified copy of an order or decree of a court of the jurisdiction directing the dissolution of the international banking corporation or the termination of its existence or the cancellation of its authority shall be delivered to the director. The filing of the certificate, order, or decree has the same effect as the revocation of the international banking corporation’s license as provided in section 26-1709(4), Idaho Code.
(2)  An international banking corporation that proposes to terminate the operation in this state of an international bank branch, an international bank agency, or an international representative office shall comply with procedures as the director may prescribe by rule or order to insure an orderly cessation of business in a manner that is not harmful to the public interest and shall surrender its license to the director or shall surrender its right to maintain an office in this state, as applicable.
(3)  The director shall continue as agent of the international banking corporation upon whom process against it may be served in any action based upon any liability or obligation incurred by the international banking corporation within this state before the filing of the certificate, order, or decree; and the director shall promptly cause a copy of the process to be mailed by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the international banking corporation at the post office address specified for this purpose on file with the director’s office.

[26-1713, added 1995, ch. 99, sec. 10, p. 314.]

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