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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1714.  International representative offices. (1) An international banking corporation that does not transact a banking business or any part of a banking business in or through an office in this state, but maintains an office in this state for other purposes is considered to have an international representative office in this state.
(2)  An international representative office located in this state shall register with the director annually on forms prescribed by the director. The registration shall be filed before January 31 of each year, shall be accompanied by a registration fee prescribed by rule or order, and shall list the name of the local representative, the street address of the office, and the nature of the business to be transacted in or through the office.
(3)  The director may review the operations of an international representative office annually or at any greater frequency as is necessary to assure that the office does not transact a banking business.
(4)  An international banking corporation desiring to convert its existing registered international representative office to a licensed international bank branch or licensed international bank agency shall submit to the director the application required in section 26-1708, Idaho Code, and is required to meet the minimum criteria for licensing of an international bank branch or licensed international bank agency under this chapter.
(5)  An international representative office may act in a liaison capacity with existing and potential customers of an international banking corporation and in undertaking these activities may, through its employees or agents, without limitation, solicit loans, assemble credit information, make proprietary inspections and appraisals, complete loan applications and other preliminary paperwork in preparation for making a loan, but may not solicit or accept deposits. No international representative office shall conduct any banking business or part of a banking business in this state.

[26-1714, added 1995, ch. 99, sec. 10, p. 314.]

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