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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-2105.  Organization. Any seven (7) or more residents of the jurisdiction of the state of Idaho, of legal age, who have a common bond referred to in section 26-2110, Idaho Code, may organize a credit union and become charter members thereof by:
(a)  Filing an application furnished by the director.
(b)  Executing in triplicate, articles of incorporation by the terms of which they agree to be bound, which articles shall state:
(1)  The name, which shall include the words "credit union" and which must clearly indicate the common bond from which members will be taken and which is not the same name as that of any other existing credit union. A credit union may, however, do business in a name which includes only the initials of its name as it appears in its articles of incorporation and the words "credit union," and the city wherein the proposed credit union is to have its principal place of business;
(2)  The term of existence of the credit union, which shall be perpetual;
(3)  The par value of shares of the credit union, which shall be at least five dollars ($5.00); and
(4)  The names and addresses of the subscribers to the articles of incorporation, and the number of shares subscribed by each.
(c)  Adopting bylaws for the general government of the credit union, consistent with the provisions of this chapter and executing the same in triplicate.
(d)  Forwarding the required application fee, articles of incorporation and the bylaws to the director. If they conform to the statute, he shall endorse the articles of incorporation and return two (2) copies of the endorsed articles of incorporation and two (2) copies of the bylaws to the applicants of the credit union, one (1) copy of which is to be for the credit union’s permanent files and the other copy to be filed with the county recorder’s office in the county in which the principal place of business is located and with the department of finance. The original copy of the articles of incorporation and bylaws shall be retained by the department of finance. If the director approves or endorses the articles of incorporation, he will issue three (3) charters in original. The director shall have the authority to investigate the application for charter to determine whether the proposed credit union does meet the objectives of this chapter. The determination for the approval of the application for charter shall be under such rules and regulations as shall be adopted by the director. These rules and regulations shall give account to the number of potential members, their stability of employment or membership in the group comprising the common bond of membership and the economic characteristics of the proposed common bond. If, in the opinion of the director, the proposed credit union does not meet these objectives, the charter application shall be denied.
(e)  The subscribers for a credit union charter shall not transact any business until formal approval of the charter has been received. In order to simplify the organization of credit unions, the director shall cause to be prepared a form of articles of incorporation and a form of bylaws, consistent with this chapter, which shall be used by credit union incorporators for their guidance.
(f)  The articles of incorporation filed in the department of finance shall be available for inspection and a copy may be provided upon payment of an appropriate fee.

[26-2105, added 1977, ch. 213, sec. 2, p. 584.]

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