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26-2155.  Designation of depository — Reporting of reserves and undivided earnings. (1) The state treasurer shall designate credit unions qualified under this chapter as a state depository or depositories. Such designation shall be determined by competitive bidding or by other means generally accepted as standard business practice. In no case shall the deposit or deposits of state funds in the account of any public entity in any credit union exceed at any one time, the total of the reserves and undivided earnings of such credit union or the total sum covered by share and deposit insurance provided by either the national credit union share insurance fund or by a deposit guarantee corporation authorized to issue share and deposit insurance contracts in this state, whichever sum shall be less. In the event that any credit union has been designated as a depository under this chapter, such designation shall continue in force until revoked by the treasurer.
(2)  Every credit union designated as a state depository and holding any deposit of the funds of the state of Idaho under the provisions of this section shall, on or before beginning to hold such deposits, file with the state treasurer the affidavit of one (1) of its officers showing the amount of the reserves and undivided earnings of such credit union. Such affidavits shall be effective for the purposes of this section, to and including January 31 next following the date of their filing but no longer, and, on or before that date, if such credit union is to continue as a designated state depository under this section, a like affidavit shall be filed in like manner for the succeeding year. No such credit union shall receive deposits from nor act as depository for the funds of the state of Idaho unless and until an affidavit as is herein required and which still continues in effect is on file with the state treasurer in accordance with this section.
(3)  The state treasurer is authorized in his or her discretion and from time to time to negotiate for the payment to designated state depositories of reasonable compensation for services rendered in acting as such depositors. The method and/or rate of such compensation and the terms and conditions thereof shall be fixed by the state treasurer after such negotiation, which may include the calling of bids for specific services. All bids received, whether by a formal bidding process or by negotiation, and the compensation fixed by the treasurer, which shall be in the form of a written agreement, shall be a matter of public record.

[26-2155, added 1986, ch. 74, sec. 2, p. 221; am. 1988, ch. 158, sec. 3, p. 288.]

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