Idaho Statutes

26-2223A.  Collection agency office requirements — Designation of responsible person. (1) Each licensee shall maintain a home office licensed under this act as the licensee’s principal location for collection activities. Each licensee must maintain a listed telephone number and must be open to the public during normal business hours on each business day, provided, however, that the director may in his discretion approve a request for opening during hours other than normal business hours or a portion of a business day. A business day within the meaning of this section does not include Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays.
(2)  Each licensee shall designate a natural person, who meets the experience requirement of section 26-2224(6), Idaho Code, to be responsible for the collection activities carried on at each office of the licensee. If the person designated by the licensee for such purpose is not normally available at the licensee’s designated location, then the licensee’s collection activities in Idaho must begin with a written notice to each debtor setting forth a mailing address and a toll-free telephone number whereby a debtor may contact the designated responsible person during normal business hours.

[26-2223A, as added by 1974, ch. 154, sec. 1, p. 1379; am. 1987, ch. 297, sec. 1, p. 633; am. 1995, ch. 211, sec. 2, p. 716; am. 2008, ch. 347, sec. 3, p. 941.]

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