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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-2911.  Renewal of license and annual report. (1) Each licensee shall file with the director an annual report, in a form prescribed by the director, which form shall be sent by the director to each licensee no later than three (3) months immediately preceding the thirtieth day of June of each year, or as the director in his discretion, may determine. The licensee must include each of the following in its annual renewal report:
(a)  A copy of its most recent audited consolidated annual financial statement, including balance sheet, statement of income or loss, statement of changes in shareholder’s equity and statement of changes in financial position; or, in the case of a licensee that is a wholly owned subsidiary of a parent corporation, the consolidated audited annual financial statement of the parent corporation may be filed with the licensee’s unaudited annual financial statement. In the event any licensee does not otherwise obtain audited financial statements, such licensee shall, in lieu of audited financial statements required in this section, furnish the director with federal income tax returns covering the required periods together with copies of such unaudited, compiled or reviewed financial statements as the licensee shall have prepared or obtained for other purposes, including, without limitation, the most recent financial statements, if any, furnished to licensee’s bank or other lending institution.
(b)  For the most recent quarter for which data is available prior to the date of the filing of the renewal application, but in no event more than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the renewal date, the licensee must provide the number of payment instruments sold by the licensee in the state, the dollar amount of those instruments and the dollar amount of those instruments currently outstanding.
(c)  Any material changes in any of the information submitted by the licensee on its original application which have not previously been reported to the director on any other report required to be filed under the provisions of this chapter.
(d)  A list of the licensee’s permissible investments; and if an audited financial statement has not been provided, the licensee shall provide a certification by an independent certified public accountant that the licensee has complied with the provisions of section 26-2906, Idaho Code.
(e)  A list of the locations within this state at which business regulated by the provisions of this chapter is being conducted by either the licensee or its authorized representative.
(2)  A licensee that has not filed an annual report by the renewal filing deadline and has not been granted an extension of time to do so by the director shall be notified by the director, in writing, that a hearing will be scheduled at which time the licensee will be required to show cause why its license should not be suspended pending compliance with this requirement.

[26-2911, added 1994, ch. 410, sec. 1, p. 1289.]

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