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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


27-411.  Annual registration statement with administrator. Every cemetery authority owning, operating, controlling or managing an endowed care cemetery shall register with the administrator, by filing an annual registration statement on forms furnished by said administrator, which shall show, as of the end of the preceding calendar year or fiscal year, whichever is more convenient to the cemetery authority, the following:
(a)  The amount of the principal of the care funds held by the trustee of said funds of such cemetery authority, at the beginning of such year, and in addition thereto all moneys or property received during such year, from the following sources:
(1)  Under and by virtue of the sale of a lot, grave, crypt or niche.
(2)  Under and by virtue of any gift, grant, devise, bequest, payment or other contribution made subsequent to the effective date of the endowed care cemetery act of 1963.
(b)  The income received from such care funds during the preceding calendar or fiscal year as the case may be. Where any of the care funds of a cemetery authority are held by a trustee, other than the board of directors of the cemetery authority, the annual registration statement filed by any cemetery authority shall also contain a certificate signed by the trustee of the care funds of such cemetery authority certifying to the truthfulness of the statements in the report as to:
(1)  The total amount of principal of the care funds held by the trustee.
(2)  The securities in which such care funds are invested and the cash on hand as of the day of the report; and
(3)  The income received from such care funds during the preceding calendar year or fiscal year as the case may be.
Such statement shall be filed by the cemetery authority on or before December 31 of each calendar year with the administrator. If the fiscal year of such cemetery authority is other than on a calendar year basis, then such statement shall be filed within thirty (30) days of the end of its fiscal year. A filing fee in the amount of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) shall be payable at the time of the filing of the annual statement. All reports shall be prepared by an independent certified public accountant or by a member of the Canadian institute of chartered accountants.

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