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30-1513.  Administration — Rules and forms. (1) The administration of the provisions of this chapter shall be under the general supervision and control of the director. The director may from time to time make, amend and rescind such rules and forms as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. No rule or form may be made unless the director finds that the action is necessary or appropriate in the public interest or for the protection of investors and consistent with the purposes of this chapter.
(2)  Neither the director nor any employees of the director shall use any information which is filed with or obtained by the director which is not public information for personal gain or benefit, nor shall the director nor any employees of the director conduct any securities or commodity dealings whatsoever based upon any such information, even though public, if there has not been a sufficient period of time for the securities or commodity markets to assimilate such information.
(3)  (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, all information collected, assembled or maintained by the director is public information and is available for the examination of the public.
(b)  The following items are not public information and are deemed to be confidential:
(i)   Information or documents obtained by the director concerning any matter or party under investigation;
(ii)  Information designated as confidential by any rule or order of the director;
(iii) Information obtained from federal agencies which may not be disclosed under federal law.
(c)  The director in his discretion may disclose any information made confidential under paragraph (b)(i) of this subsection to persons identified in section 30-1514, Idaho Code.
(d)  No provision of this chapter either creates or derogates any privilege which exists at common law, by statute or otherwise when any documentary or other evidence is sought under subpoena directed to the director or any employee of the director.

[30-1513, added 1989, ch. 414, sec. 1, p. 1014.]

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