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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


30-1905.  establishing fair market value of total gross assets. (1)  A successor corporation may establish the fair market value of total gross assets for the purpose of the limitations under section 30-1904, Idaho Code, through any method reasonable under the circumstances, including:
(a)  By reference to the going concern value of the assets or to the purchase price attributable to or paid for the assets in an arms-length transaction; or
(b)  In the absence of other readily available information from which the fair market value can be determined, by reference to the value of the assets recorded on a balance sheet.
(2)  Total gross assets include intangible assets.
(3)  To the extent total gross assets include any liability insurance that was issued to the transferor whose assets are being valued for purposes of this section, the applicability, terms, conditions and limits of such insurance shall not be affected by this statute, nor shall this statute otherwise affect the rights and obligations of an insurer, transferor or successor under any insurance contract and/or any related agreements, including, without limitation, preenactment settlements resolving coverage-related disputes, and the rights of an insurer to seek payment for applicable deductibles, retrospective premiums or self-insured retentions or to seek contribution from a successor for uninsured or self-insured periods or periods where insurance is uncollectible or otherwise unavailable. Without limiting the foregoing, to the extent total gross assets include any such liability insurance, a settlement of a dispute concerning any such liability insurance coverage entered into by a transferor or successor with the insurers of the transferor before the effective date of this act shall be determinative of the total coverage of such liability insurance to be included in the calculation of the transferor’s total gross assets.

[30-1905, added 2012, ch. 193, sec. 1, p. 521.]

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