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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


30-908.  Renewal of license. (1) On or before April 30 of each year, every licensee under this chapter shall pay an annual license renewal fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150), and shall file with the director a renewal form containing such information as the director may require.
(2)  As a condition of renewal, each licensee shall file with the director a statement of its financial condition and status of its escrow transactions as of the preceding December 31. The financial statement must be in a form and contain the information prescribed by the director.
(3)  Each license under this chapter shall remain in full force and effect unless the licensee fails to timely satisfy the renewal requirements of this section, or the license is relinquished, suspended or revoked; provided however, branch licenses shall be terminated upon the relinquishment or revocation of a home office license. Any licensee may relinquish the license by notifying the director of its relinquishment, but this relinquishment shall not affect the licensee’s liability for acts previously committed, and may not occur after the filing of a complaint for revocation or suspension of the license.
(4)  Following the failure of a licensee to satisfy the renewal requirements of this section, a person previously licensed as an escrow agency may, for an additional nonrefundable fee of two hundred dollars ($200), apply for the reinstatement of its previous license provided that he satisfies the renewal requirements of this section no later than the last business day of May immediately following expiration of such license.

[30-908, added 2005, ch. 236, sec. 2, p. 720.]

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