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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


30-914.  Accounts to be maintained — Records open to inspection — Retention of records — Trust account — Interest on escrow accounts. (1) Each licensee shall maintain sufficient books, accounts and records readily accessible to the department for the department to determine at any time the licensee’s financial condition, what duties and responsibilities the licensee has undertaken to perform and whether it is properly performing all such duties, and any other information considered necessary by the director to determine whether the licensee is operating in a safe, competent and lawful manner. The books, records and accounts shall be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and sound business practice.
(2)  For each individual escrow account, the licensee shall maintain the escrow agreement and all amendments, all instructions affecting the agreement, all related correspondence, and an individual ledger reflecting all activity pertinent to that account.
(3)  Each licensee shall continuously maintain the following general accounts:
(a)  A general ledger reflecting assets, liabilities, income, expenses and equity accounts;
(b)  An escrow liability control ledger for all escrow accounts;
(c)  A cash receipts and disbursements journal; and
(d)  Copies of all receipts and disbursements used as a medium of posting to individual escrow accounts.
(4)  (a) Every licensee shall keep a separate escrow trust fund account established at a financial institution approved by the director, in which shall be kept separate, distinct and apart and segregated from the licensee’s own funds, all funds or moneys of clients which are being held in trust by the licensee pending the closing of an escrow transaction or the full performance of the escrow agreement. All trust funds shall be deposited not later than the first banking day following receipt thereof. Such funds, when deposited, shall be designated as "escrow accounts" or given some other appropriate designation indicating that the funds are not the funds of the licensee.
(b)  Every licensee shall maintain all other assets or property received pursuant to an escrow in accordance with a written escrow agreement in a manner which will reasonably preserve and protect the property from loss, theft or damage, and which will otherwise comply with all duties and responsibilities of a fiduciary or bailee generally.
(5)  The records referenced in this section shall be reconciled at least monthly.
(6)  All records referenced in this section shall be maintained by the licensee for seven (7) years following the close of each account.
(7)  Any interest received on funds deposited with an escrow agency in connection with an escrow must be paid over to the depositing party to the escrow and may not be transferred to an account of the escrow agency. This section shall not limit the right of the escrow agency to contract with the depositing party with respect to the interest received on the deposits by independent agreement.

[30-914, added 2005, ch. 236, sec. 2, p. 722; am. 2008, ch. 311, sec. 2, p. 859.]

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