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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


30-917.  Examination and investigations. (1) The director shall examine the books, records and accounts of each licensee, within or without the state of Idaho, at intervals he deems necessary for the protection of the public. The licensee so examined shall pay a fee for the examination at the rate fixed annually by the director, not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) per examination hour. If it is necessary for the examination to be conducted outside of Idaho, the actual cost of travel for the examiners shall be reimbursed to the department of finance by the licensee so examined. The director, upon his prior written approval, may accept an equivalent examination of a licensee by another state or federal agency as a substitute for the examination pursuant to this section.
(2)  The director may make necessary public or private investigations within or outside of Idaho to determine whether any person has violated or is about to violate this chapter or any rule or order under this chapter.
(3)  For the purpose of any investigation or other proceeding under this chapter, the director or any officer designated by the director may administer oaths or affirmations, and upon his own motion or upon request of any party, may subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance, and require the production of any matter which is relevant to the investigation or other proceeding, including the existence, description, nature, custody, condition and location of any books, documents or other tangible things and the identity and location of persons having knowledge or relevant facts, or any other matter reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of material evidence. Upon failure to obey a subpoena or to answer questions proposed by the investigating officer and upon reasonable notice to all persons affected thereby, the director may apply to any district court for an order compelling compliance.
(4)  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, all proceedings under this chapter shall be conducted in accordance with the administrative procedure act, chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.

[30-917, added 2005, ch. 236, sec. 2, p. 723.]

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