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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


31-1414.  Election for the consolidation of districts. (1) Any two (2) or more fire districts may, in the discretion of the fire district commissioners, or shall, upon a petition signed by ten percent (10%) or more of the electors in the last general election residing in each of the fire protection districts proposed for consolidation, conduct an election in the manner provided in section 31-1405, Idaho Code, at which the following question shall be submitted to the electorate: "Shall ….. fire protection districts be consolidated?" or words equivalent thereto. At least one (1) public hearing shall be held by the boards of fire district commissioners prior to the election. If a majority of the votes cast in each district proposed for consolidation are in favor of consolidation, the districts shall be deemed consolidated and an agreement of consolidation in conformity with the provisions of section 31-1413, Idaho Code, shall be entered into by the fire protection district boards involved, except that an agreement of consolidation entered into pursuant to an election as provided in this section shall not thereafter be subject to an election upon objection as provided in subsection (2) of section 31-1413, Idaho Code.
(2)  If two (2) districts are proposed for consolidation and less than a majority of the votes cast in any one (1) of the districts are in favor of the consolidation, the consolidation shall not become effective. If more than two (2) districts are proposed for consolidation, the consolidation may proceed with respect to those districts in which a majority of the votes cast are in favor of the consolidation.

[(31-1414) 31-1411B, added 1997, ch. 372, sec. 2, p. 1186; am. and redesig. 2006, ch. 318, sec. 10, p. 997.]

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