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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


31-212.  Changing county boundaries. Whenever the boards of county commissioners of affected counties have by joint ordinance provided that a part of an affected county be stricken off from said county and annexed to an adjoining affected county, the provisions of the constitution being complied with, the qualified electors who have resided ninety (90) days next preceding the first general election after the passage of this chapter within the boundary lines of the territory stricken off and annexed, shall be permitted to vote at said general election, for or against said annexation. If a majority of said electors voting at said election vote in favor of annexation, said territory is then stricken off and annexed, as provided in this chapter: provided, that all the requirements of the constitution have been complied with. If such annexation and change of county boundaries occur, the legislature, at its next regular session, shall redefine the boundaries of the affected counties as set forth in the Idaho Code to conform therewith. The county recorder of the county from which the territory is to be detached may have clearly reproduced by photographing or filming in accordance with the provisions of sections 9-328, 9-329, and 9-330, Idaho Code, into permanent records, all instruments, papers and other matters and things relating to or affecting real property in the territory being detached and annexed. When the costs have been determined for the transcribing and indexing of all instruments, documents, records, maps, papers, and all other matters relating to or affecting the property in the territory to be annexed, which must be transferred to the annexing county, and the copying and preparing for transfer of all pleadings, court records, and other papers in all court actions and court proceedings to be transferred to the annexing county, the board of county commissioners of the county annexing the detached territory shall cause county warrants to be drawn to pay all such costs; said warrants so drawn shall be paid by a tax to be assessed upon all property within the territory being annexed.

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