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31-4317.  Powers of district. Each district is a body politic and corporate and as such shall, in the name of and for the uses and purposes of the district, have power:
(a)  to adopt a seal which may be changed or altered at the pleasure of the board;
(b)  to sue and be sued;
(c)  to designate one (1) or more banks to be the official depository of the district funds as provided by law;
(d)  to make and execute all contracts necessary or convenient;
(e)  to acquire, hold, occupy, use, manage, possess, lease, exchange, sell and convey such property, both real and personal, as may be necessary or convenient;
(f)  to accept gifts and donations of such property, both real or personal, as may be necessary or convenient;
(g)  to construct or erect all buildings or structures which are necessary or convenient;
(h)  to cooperate with and to contract with the state and federal governments or any bureau or agency thereof and with any county, city, school district, other recreation districts, other political subdivisions or municipal corporations to provide funds for district facilities or to provide joint facilities;
(i)  to operate and provide all concessions necessary or convenient;
(j)  to provide classes in water safety and swimming to the public;
(k)  to hire and to dismiss all necessary agents, attorneys and other employees and to fix and pay their compensation and expenses out of the district funds;
(l)  to require a bond for the faithful performance of their duties as such officers, agents or employees of the district and to pay the costs thereof from district funds;
(m)  to fix and collect fees and charges for the use of the district’s facilities, and to reduce or waive the same as to any person not reasonably able to pay therefor;
(n)  to make and enforce all rules and regulations for the operation and use of the district facilities;
(o)  to invest any funds of the district not then required for district purposes in any securities of the state or the United States or in time certificates of deposit of authorized public depositories;
(p)  to levy and apply such taxes for such purposes as are authorized by law;
(q)  to exercise such other powers as may be conferred by law;
(r)  may contract with the county, or highway district to maintain and improve public transportation systems within and providing access to the district. The district shall be entitled to all fees levied within the district each year on real and personal property for such purposes.

[31-4317, added 1970, ch. 212, sec. 17, p. 599; am. 1974, ch. 15, sec. 1, p. 302; am. 1995, ch. 353, sec. 5, p. 1195.]

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