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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


31-709.  Records to be kept. The board must cause to be kept permanently and indefinitely, in accordance with the provisions of section 31-871A, Idaho Code:
1.  Minute records, in which must be recorded all orders and decisions made by them, and the daily proceedings had at all regular and special meetings.
2.  Allowance records, in which must be recorded all orders for the allowance of money from the county treasury, to whom made, and on what account, dating, numbering and indexing the same through each year.
3.  Road records, containing all proceedings and adjudications relating to the establishment, maintenance, change and discontinuance of roads, road districts, and overseers thereof, their reports and accounts.
4.  Franchise records, containing all franchises granted by them, for what purpose, the length of time and to whom granted, the amount of bond and license tax required.
5.  Warrant records, to be kept by the county auditor, in which must be entered, in the order of drawing, all warrants drawn on the treasury, with their number and reference to the order on the minute book, with the date, amount, on what account, and name of payee.
6.  Ordinance records, containing all ordinances, stating the date enacted.
7.  Resolutions records, containing all resolutions, stating the date adopted.

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