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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


31-822.  Maintenance of fair grounds — Transfer of property to fair district. To contract to purchase a site, grounds or parks on which to hold public fairs or exhibitions, to care for and maintain the same, regulate the use thereof and, in their discretion, to let, demise or lease the same to the state of Idaho or the department of agriculture for such public fair or exhibition purposes upon such terms and conditions and for such consideration as in their judgment shall best promote the holding of such public fairs or exhibitions. To make a special levy of one hundredths per cent (.01%) of market value for assessment purposes of taxable property within the county for the purpose of purchasing a site, grounds or park on which to hold public fairs or exhibitions and to erect upon said site, grounds or park suitable buildings and provide for the maintenance of said buildings. The funds raised by this levy may be allowed to accumulate until enough funds are available to make the desired purchase. On no account shall the funds raised by this levy and for the purpose of purchasing a site for county fairs or exhibitions, or for building upon and improving the same, be used for any other purpose. The board of county commissioners of any county, owning any grounds or parks with or without buildings and improvements thereon, held and maintained for public fairs or exhibitions may, upon such county becoming a member of or a part of a fair district, in their discretion and upon such terms and conditions as to them may be deemed advisable, offer to sell, and sell and transfer and convey by proper conveyance, to such fair district, the grounds or parks owned by such county and used for public fairs or exhibitions, provided, nevertheless, that any conveyance so made shall expressly provide that the grounds or parks shall be used for district fair purposes, and that upon failure of the district to use the said grounds or parks for a district fair for two (2) successive years, the said property so conveyed, shall revert back to the county making the conveyance.

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