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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-118.  Courses of study — Curricular materials. (1) The state board shall prescribe the minimum courses to be taught in all public elementary and secondary schools, and shall cause to be prepared and issued, such syllabi, study guides and other instructional aids as the board shall from time to time deem necessary.
(2)  The board shall determine how and under what rules curricular materials shall be adopted for the public schools, including the fees necessary to defray the cost of such adoption process. The board shall require all publishers of textbooks approved for use to furnish the department of education with electronic format for literary and nonliterary subjects when electronic formats become available for nonliterary subjects, in a standard format approved by the board, from which reproductions can be made for use by the blind.
(3)  The board shall, by rule, determine the process by which the department of education reviews and approves online courses, pursuant to section 33-1024, Idaho Code, and the fees necessary to defray the department’s cost of such review and approval process.
(4)  The board of trustees of each school district may adopt their own curricular materials consistent with the provisions of section 33-512A, Idaho Code. Curricular materials adopted must be consistent with Idaho content standards as established by the state board of education.

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