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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-1020.  Idaho digital learning academy funding. (1) An amount of four hundred thirty dollars ($430) per enrollment shall be distributed to support the Idaho digital learning academy, created pursuant to chapter 55, title 33, Idaho Code. For the purposes of this section, an "enrollment" shall be counted each time an Idaho school age child enrolls in an Idaho digital learning academy class and continues to be enrolled in such class past the deadline to withdraw, where such withdrawal would not result in the class appearing on such child’s transcript in any way. A single child enrolled in multiple classes shall count as multiple enrollments. Summer enrollments shall be included in the fiscal year that begins that summer.
(2)  The state department of education shall make an estimated distribution of funds to the Idaho digital learning academy by no later than July 31 of each fiscal year, consisting of eighty percent (80%) of the estimated funding for the fiscal year. The balance of all remaining funds to be distributed, pursuant to the calculations in this section, shall be distributed by no later than May 15 of the same fiscal year. The state department of education shall reconcile the enrollments prior to the May 15 payment and withhold or recover any costs necessary to align the funding with verified enrollments. The joint finance-appropriations committee shall consider adjusting the per enrollment amount each legislative session by a percentage increase equal to the percentage increase approved for salary increases for instructional and pupil service staff pursuant to section 33-1004B, Idaho Code, and for administrative and classified staff pursuant to section 33-1004E, Idaho Code.

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