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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-1614.  Career exploration. (1) Starting in fiscal year 2024, every student in grade 7 or grade 8 enrolled in an Idaho public school district, a specially chartered district, or a public charter school shall complete one (1) or more career exploration courses. A student may opt out by submitting a form to the school showing the student’s parent or legal guardian has consented to the student not participating in the career exploration courses pursuant to this section. Such courses should align to the "first step" standards set by the state board of education for career technical education. Such courses may be offered face-to-face, through virtual education programs, as online courses, or as hybrid courses consisting of a combination of online and in-person instruction.
(2)  All staff teaching a career exploration course must have participated in a career exploration professional development course approved by the state board of education.
(3)  The state board of education will maintain resources that can be utilized or modified for the implementation of this section.
(4)  A career pathway plan shall be developed by students with the approval of parents or guardians, with advice and recommendation from school personnel, which shall include career exploration courses or workforce discovery activities. The purpose of a parent-approved student career pathway plan is to outline a course of study and learning activities to help students become successful in life. Every student’s career pathway plan shall be reviewed annually and can be revised at any time. The student’s school shall provide a personalized career pathway plan progress report to the student’s parent or guardian. The progress report may be sent via electronic communication.
(5)  Funding provided in section 33-1002(2)(r), Idaho Code, in accordance with section 33-1212A, Idaho Code, may be used to support career exploration courses.
(6)  Professional development funding provided pursuant to section 33-1002, Idaho Code, may be used to provide professional development to career exploration course instructors.

[33-1614, added 2023, ch. 243, sec. 1, p. 743.]

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