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33-1615.  Reading assessment. The state department of education shall be responsible for administration of all assessment efforts and shall train assessment personnel and report results.
(1)  In continuing recognition of the critical importance of reading skills, all public school students in kindergarten and grades 1, 2 and 3 shall have their reading skills assessed. For purposes of this assessment, the state board approved research-based "Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Plan" shall be the reference document. The kindergarten assessment shall include reading readiness and phonological awareness. Grades 1, 2 and 3 shall test for fluency, comprehension and accuracy of the student’s reading. The assessment shall be by a single statewide test specified by the state board of education, and the state department of education shall ensure that testing shall take place not less than two (2) times per year in the relevant grades. Additional assessments may be administered to students who are identified for reading interventions as set forth in section 33-1616, Idaho Code. The state K-3 assessment test results shall be reviewed by school personnel for the purpose of providing necessary interventions to sustain or improve the students’ reading skills. Reports shall be submitted by the school districts in such a manner that it is possible to determine for each school building with kindergarten through grade 3 in each school district the percentage of students who are achieving proficiency on the reading assessment. Results shall be maintained and compiled by the state department of education and shall be reported annually to the state board, legislature and governor and made available to the public in a consistent manner, by school and by district.
(2)  The assessment scores and interventions recommended and implemented shall be maintained in the permanent record of each student.
(3)  The administration of the state K-3 assessments is to be done in the local school districts by individuals chosen by the district other than the regular classroom teacher. All those who administer the assessments shall be trained by the state department of education.
(4)  It is legislative intent that curricular materials utilized by school districts for kindergarten through grade 3 shall align with the "Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Plan."

[33-1615, added 2016, ch. 186, sec. 5, p. 507.]

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