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33-1617.  English language learners — Program requirements. It is legislative intent that the state board of education and state department of education develop statewide, research-based goals for students in Idaho who are English language learners. Goals shall specifically address compliance with applicable state and federal law and court decisions.
The board of trustees of each school district shall formulate a plan in sufficient detail that measurable objectives can be identified and addressed which will accomplish English language acquisition and improved academic performance. Moneys distributed to school districts based upon the population of limited-English proficiency students and distributed to school districts to support programs for students with non-English or limited-English proficiency shall be utilized in support of the district plan.
The district plan and allocation of funds shall be part of a report made annually to the state board of education and state department of education. The state board of education shall provide a summary of these reports to the legislature. Recommendations for program enhancements needed to reach the statewide goals are to be brought to the legislature after review and approval by the state board of education.

[33-1617, added 2004, ch. 349, sec. 1, p. 1042.]

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