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33-1632.  MASTERY-BASED EDUCATION. (1) The legislature finds that moving toward a mastery-based model of education where students progress as they demonstrate mastery of a subject or grade level is in the best interest of Idaho students. The legislature further finds that moving from the current time-based system with a mastery-based model will allow for more personalized and differentiated learning; create a focus on explicit, measurable, transferable learning objectives that empower students; and emphasize competencies that include application and knowledge along with skill development.
(2)  The state department of education shall perform the following activities to move Idaho toward a mastery-based education system:
(a)  Conduct a statewide awareness campaign to promote understanding and interest in mastery-based education for teachers, administrators, parents, students, business leaders and policymakers;
(b)  Establish a committee of educators to identify roadblocks and possible solutions in implementing mastery-based education and develop recommendations for the incubator process; and
(c)  Facilitate the planning and development of an incubator process and assessments of local education agencies to identify the initial cohort of up to twenty (20) local education agencies to serve as incubators in fiscal year 2017.
(3)  The state department of education may expend or distribute moneys appropriated for purposes identified in subsection (2) of this section. The cost of activities provided for in this section shall be paid by the state department of education from moneys appropriated for this program in the educational support program budget as provided for in section 33-1002, Idaho Code.
(4)  Not later than January 31 of each year, the state department of education shall report annually to the state board of education and the education committees of the senate and house of representatives regarding the progress toward implementing mastery-based education.
(5)  For purposes of this section:
(a)  "Incubator process" means a process where districts and charter schools that are willing and ready to start moving toward a mastery-based education system would be identified through site assessments and would form an initial cohort of incubators for mastery-based education. The incubators would receive support for staff professional development, stakeholder education and ongoing assessment and coaching. These incubators would provide data and best practices for continued implementation of mastery-based education.
(b)  "Mastery-based education system" means an education system where student progress is based upon a student’s demonstration of mastery of competencies and content, not seat time or the age or grade level of the student.

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