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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2106.  Trustees of community college districts. (1) The board of trustees of each community college district shall consist of five (5) electors who shall reside in a different trustee zone from each other and who shall be appointed or elected as provided in this section.
(a)  Immediately following the establishment of a new community college district, the state board of education shall divide the district into five (5) trustee zones, which shall be as nearly equal in population as practicable. If a community college district is situated within two (2) or more counties, and any one (1) of the counties has sufficient population to warrant at least one (1) zone, then the boundaries of a trustee zone shall be located wholly within the boundaries of such county. The state board shall also appoint the members of the first board who shall serve until the election and qualification of their successors.
(b)  At the first election of trustees after the creation of a district, five (5) trustees shall be elected: two (2) for terms of two (2) years each, and three (3) for terms of four (4) years each. Thereafter, the successors of persons so elected shall be elected for terms of four (4) years.
(c)  Excluding any first election of trustees after the creation of a district, at any other election of trustees held in 2008, and in each trustee election thereafter, trustees shall be elected to terms of four (4) years. If more than two (2) trustee positions are eligible for election in 2008, one (1) trustee shall be elected to a term of four (4) years and two (2) trustees shall be elected to a term of six (6) years. Thereafter, the successors of persons so elected in 2008 shall be elected for terms of four (4) years.
(d)  The expiration of any term shall be at the regular meeting of the trustees next following the election for the successor terms.
(2)  Elections of trustees of community college districts shall be biennially, in even-numbered years, and shall be held on a date authorized in section 34-106, Idaho Code. Vacancies on the board of trustees shall be filled by appointment by the remaining members, but if by reason of vacancies there remain on the board less than a majority of the required number of members, appointment to fill such vacancies shall be made by the state board of education. Any person so appointed must reside in the trustee zone where the vacancy occurs and shall serve until the next trustee election, at which time his successor shall be elected for the unexpired term. The trustees shall take and subscribe the oath of office required in the case of state officers and said oath shall be filed with the secretary of state.
(3)  Notice of the election, the conduct thereof, the qualification of electors and the canvass of returns shall be as prescribed in chapter 14, title 34, Idaho Code.
(4)  All eligible electors within a community college district may vote for candidates in each and every zone. An individual who is a candidate for a specific zone of the community college district must reside in that same specific zone, and the candidate in each zone receiving the largest number of votes from the district shall be declared elected. An individual shall be a candidate for a specific position of the board and each candidate must declare which position he seeks on the board of trustees. If it be necessary to resolve a tie between two (2) or more persons, the board of trustees shall determine by lot which thereof shall be declared elected. The clerk of the board shall promptly notify any person by mail of his election, enclosing a form of oath to be subscribed by him as herein provided.
(5)  When elections held pursuant to this section coincide with other elections held by the state of Idaho or any subdivision thereof, or any municipality or school district, the board of trustees may make agreement with the body holding such election for joint boards of election and the payment of fees and expenses of such boards of election on such proportionate basis as may be agreed upon.
(6)  At its first meeting following the appointment of the first board of trustees, and at the first regular meeting following any community college trustee election, the board shall organize, and shall elect one (1) of its members chairman, one (1) a vice-chairman; and shall elect a secretary and a treasurer, who may be members of the board; or one (1) person to serve as secretary and treasurer, who may be a member of the board.
(7)  The board shall set a given day of a given week in each month as its regular meeting time. Three (3) members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business.
(8)  The authority of trustees of community college districts shall be limited in the manner prescribed in section 33-507, Idaho Code.
(9)  Any decision of the state board of education issued pursuant to chapter 21, title 33, Idaho Code, may be appealed to the district court of any county in which the district or proposed district lies or shall lie. The pleadings and other papers shall be filed not more than sixty (60) days after notice of the order appealed and service of two (2) copies thereof shall be made upon the state board of education.

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