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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2107A.  Establishment and operation of third and fourth year college curriculum in community college districts. (1) The board of trustees of a community college district of an urban area, upon filing with the state board of education a notice of intent to exercise the powers herein granted, shall thereafter be authorized and empowered to organize and operate an upper division consisting of the third and fourth years of college curriculum with powers to grant baccalaureate degrees in liberal arts and sciences, business and education. Upper division courses and programs are subject to approval pursuant to section 33-107(8), Idaho Code. The operation of the community college and the upper division shall be kept separate; however, the joint use of facilities is authorized provided a proper cost allocation is made.
(2)  The buildings and equipment for the use of upper divisions may be purchased, leased, constructed, maintained, and administered from funds obtained by the board of trustees’ levy. Such levy shall not exceed two hundredths percent (.02%) of the market value for assessment purposes on all taxable property within the taxing district. Said board under section 33-2113, Idaho Code, may obtain capital funds through issuance of general obligation bonds for such equipment and buildings, with the total tax levy for operation and bonds of the upper division not to exceed the levy limit authorized in this section. Such tax shall be certified and levied as provided for other taxes of the district. The legislature may appropriate funds for the cost of operations of upper divisions. All other costs of operation of upper divisions shall be provided by tuition and fees paid by the student. Gifts and grants may be accepted by the board of trustees for this or other purposes.
(3)  A student who has been a resident of the community college district pursuant to section 33-2110B, Idaho Code, for not less than one (1) year at time of admission to the upper division, or who has completed the first two (2) years in the college, shall be given preference for admission to the upper division.

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