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33-2604.  Board of trustees — Appointment — Term of office — Compensation. (1) For the government of such library there shall be a board of five (5) library trustees appointed by the mayor and council pursuant to section 50-210, Idaho Code, from among city residents. If the city government is organized pursuant to sections 50-801 through 50-813, Idaho Code, the city manager and the council shall appoint the board of trustees.
(2)  Appointment to the board shall be made solely upon consideration of the ability of such appointees to serve the interests of the people, without regard to sex, age, race, nationality, religion, disability or political affiliation. A member of the city council, a mayor, or an appointed officer of the city shall not be one (1) of the five (5) appointed trustees of the library board, but each year the council shall appoint one (1) of its members to be a liaison to the board, without voting rights.
(3)  The initial appointment of trustees shall be for terms of one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4) and five (5) years respectively. Subsequent appointments shall be made for five (5) years from the date of appointment, and until their successors are appointed.
(4)  Members of the board shall serve without salary but may receive their actual and necessary budgeted expenses while engaged in authorized business of the library.

[33-2604, added 1993, ch. 186, sec. 5, p. 469; am. 2021, ch. 165, sec. 1, p. 468.]

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