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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2607.  Powers and duties of trustees. In addition to the powers elsewhere contained in this chapter and notwithstanding the provisions of title 50, Idaho Code, the board of trustees of each city library shall have the following powers and duties:
(1)  To establish bylaws for its own governance;
(2)  To establish policies and rules of use for the governance of the library or libraries under its control; to exclude from the use of the library any and all persons who violate such rules;
(3)  To establish, locate, maintain and have custody of libraries to serve the city, and to provide suitable rooms, structures, facilities, furniture, apparatus and appliances necessary for library service;
(4)  With the approval of the city:
(a)  To acquire real property by purchase, gift, devise, lease or otherwise;
(b)  To own and hold real and personal property and to construct buildings for the use and purposes of the library;
(c)  To sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of real or personal property when no longer required by the library; and
(d)  To insure the real and personal property of the library;
(5)  To prepare and adopt a budget for review and approval by the city council;
(6)  To control the expenditures of money budgeted for the library;
(7)  To accept or decline gifts of money or personal property, in accordance with library policy, and under such terms as may be a condition of the gift;
(8)  To hire, supervise and evaluate the library director;
(9)  To establish policies for the purchase and distribution of library materials;
(10) To attend all meetings of the board of trustees;
(11) To maintain legal records of all board business;
(12) To exercise such other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for the orderly and efficient management of the library.

[33-2607, added 1993, ch. 186, sec. 8, p. 470.]

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