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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2711A.  Adjustment of boundary lines between existing public library districts. When the boards of two (2) public library districts having a common boundary determine that it is in the best interest of public library service that an adjustment of library district boundaries be made, this adjustment may be made using the following procedure.
The board of trustees shall jointly prepare a petition describing the boundaries of both the existing and proposed public library district, including maps prepared in a draftsmanlike manner, and the names of the public library districts, praying for the reorganization of the territory therein described.
The petition shall be signed by the chairperson of the library boards upon majority approval of the respective boards involved in the boundary adjustment.
The petition shall be forwarded to the clerk of the board(s) of county commissioners in all counties affected, who shall verify the signatures, and shall file the petition. Thereupon, the boards of county commissioners in all counties affected shall proceed with the hearing and resolution as outlined in section 33-2711, Idaho Code. Upon the completion of the hearing, the board of county commissioners shall issue an order granting the petition.

[33-2711A, added 1996, ch. 71, sec. 13, p. 225.]

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