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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-310.  Consolidation of school districts. The boards of trustees of two (2) or more contiguous school districts may submit to the state board of education a plan for the consolidation of their districts into a single new district.
The plan shall contain as a minimum the following, and in addition any other information required by the state board of education:
(1)  A map or maps showing the boundaries of the proposed new district, the boundaries of the component consolidating districts, the location of existing schoolhouses or other facilities of the component districts, the proposed trustee zones, and the proposed transportation routes if any;
(2)  A legal description of the boundaries of the proposed new school district and of the trustee zones proposed, with estimates of the population in each such zone;
(3)  The assessed value of taxable property of each component consolidating district and of the entire proposed new district;
(4)  Outstanding general obligation bonds of any component consolidating district, sinking funds accumulated, and estimated proceeds of sinking fund levies in process of collection;
(5)  Whether any component district has established a plant facilities reserve fund, and if so the amount on hand in such fund, the obligations against the fund, and the levy being made for such fund together with estimate of the proceeds of such levy in process of collection;
(6)  The amount of any outstanding and unpaid bonds that will become the obligation of the subdistricts, pursuant to section 33-311, Idaho Code, after the application of any plant facility reserve funds, pursuant to section 33-901, Idaho Code. The plan shall also show for each subdistrict the estimated amount of state subsidies to be received, the estimated bond levy rate and the year in which the last levy will be made;
(7)  If a joint district, the designation of the home county;
(8)  The official name and number of the proposed new district; and
(9)  How the property, real and personal, of former districts shall vest in the new district.
Before submitting any proposal for consolidating school districts to the state board of education, the board of trustees of each proposing district shall first call and cause to be held, within said district, a hearing on the proposal. Notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be given, by each such district, by two (2) publications in a newspaper of general circulation in the district, the first and last publications being not less than six (6) days apart.
At such hearings, any school district elector or taxpayer of the district may appear and be heard, and may request any information from the board of trustees, concerning the proposed consolidation. Records of the hearings shall be entered in the minutes of each board of trustees and shall be included with the plan of proposed consolidation if and when it is submitted to the state board of education.
Following any hearing, it shall be within the discretion of the board of trustees of any proposing district whether it shall further proceed in the plan for consolidating the districts.

[33-310, added 1963, ch. 13, sec. 40, p. 27; am. 2007, ch. 79, sec. 1, p. 209.]

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