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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-312.  Division of school district. A school district may be divided so as to form not more than two (2) districts each of which must have contiguous boundaries, in the manner hereinafter provided, except that any district which operates and maintains a secondary school or schools shall not be divided unless the two (2) districts created out of the division shall each operate and maintain a secondary school or schools immediately following such division.
A proposal to divide a school district may be initiated by its board of trustees and submitted to the state department of education. Such proposal shall contain all of the information required in a proposal to consolidate school districts as may be relevant to a proposal to divide a school district. It shall also show the manner in which it is proposed to divide or apportion the property and liabilities of the district, the names and numbers of the proposed new districts, and legal description of the proposed trustee zones.
Before submitting any proposal to divide a school district, the board of trustees shall hold a hearing or hearings on the proposal within the district. Notice of such hearing or hearings shall be posted by the clerk of the board of trustees in not less than three (3) public places within the district, one (1) of which places shall be at or near the main door of the administrative offices of the school district, for not less than ten (10) days before the date of such hearing or hearings.
The department of education shall present any such proposal to the state board of education, which may approve or disapprove the proposal, and the department of education shall give notice thereof in the manner of a proposal to consolidate school districts; except, that the state board of education shall not approve any proposal which would result in a district to be created by the division having or assuming a bonded debt in an amount exceeding the limitations imposed by law, or which would leave the area of any city in more than one (1) school district.
If the state board of education shall approve the proposal to divide the district, notice of the election shall be published and the election shall be held subject to the provisions of section 34-106, Idaho Code. The election shall be conducted, and the ballots shall be canvassed, according to the provisions of title 34, Idaho Code. The division shall be approved only if a majority of all votes cast at said special election by the school district electors residing within the entire existing school district and voting in the election are in favor of the division of such district, and a majority of all votes cast at said special election by the qualified voters within that portion of the proposed new district having a minority of the number of qualified voters, such portion to be determined by the number of votes cast in each area which is a contemplated new district, are in favor of the division of the district, and upon such approval two (2) new school districts shall be thereby created. The organization and division of all school districts which have divided since June 30, 1963, are hereby validated.
If the division is approved, as herein provided, two (2) new school districts are thereby created. The board of canvassers shall thereupon promptly notify the state department of education and the affected school districts of such result. The superintendent of public instruction shall make an appropriate order showing the creation of the districts and a legal description of the boundaries, and the legal descriptions of the affected school districts shall be altered, as prescribed in section 33-307, Idaho Code.

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