Idaho Statutes

33-3101.  Establishment of school. An institute of higher education for the state of Idaho is hereby established in the city of Lewiston, in the county of Nez Perce, to be called the Lewis-Clark State College, heretofore called the Lewis-Clark Normal School, the purposes of which shall be the offering and the giving of instruction in four (4) year college courses in science, arts and literature, and such courses or programs as are usually included in liberal arts colleges leading to the granting of the degree of Bachelor, upon completion of such courses or programs as have been approved by the state board of education.
The board of trustees may also establish educational, professional-technical and other courses or programs of less than four (4) years, as it may deem necessary, and such courses or programs may be given or conducted on or off campus, or in night school, summer schools, or by extension courses.

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