Idaho Statutes

33-4404.  Program purpose. The purpose of the program is to expand employment opportunities for resident students. Employment may be in jobs at accredited institutions of higher education or in approved off-campus jobs. Students with financial need or educational need are to benefit through the program, and to do so while gaining work experience. Accordingly, efforts should be made whenever possible to provide job opportunities to students which relate to their academic and career goals.
Funds under this program may be used to pay up to eighty percent (80%) of earnings in on-campus jobs. Program funds may also be used to pay up to fifty percent (50%) of earnings for approved off-campus jobs where the jobs are directly related to the student’s course of academic study and the employer pays fifty percent (50%) of the earnings. Program funds may also be used to fund up to ten percent (10%) of the total match required for the federal college work study program. Idaho program funds used as match will be governed by federal college work study policy. However, institutional funds used for federal matching purposes shall not be less than the amount allocated for the prior year.

[33-4404, added 1989, ch. 124, sec. 1, p. 274; am. 1990, ch. 95, sec. 3, p. 200.]

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