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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-526.  workforce readiness AND CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION diploma. (1) A public school student who successfully completes all graduation requirements established by the state board of education may receive a high school diploma designated as a workforce readiness and career technical education diploma if the student has:
(a)  Successfully passed a technical skills assessment;
(b)  Successfully passed the workplace readiness assessment; and
(c)  Demonstrated competency of career technical education program standards as identified within "skillstack" or a successor program and earned the workforce readiness badge or a relevant industry certification. A list of eligible certificates will be created by the division of career technical education.
(2) (a)  This section does not require a student to complete more than the total credits required to graduate as determined by the state board of education.
(b)  A student may earn the last year of math and English credits through a practical math or technical writing course.
(c)  A student is encouraged to earn a relevant industry certification.
(3)  Each school district and public charter school may create a diploma with a special workforce readiness and career technical education designation for students who meet the requirements of this section.
(4)  The state board of education may promulgate rules necessary to implement the provisions of this section.

[33-526, added 2021, ch. 287, sec. 1, p. 862.]

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