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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-5109.  Credits. (1) A pupil may enroll in a course under the provisions of this chapter for secondary credit, for postsecondary credit or for dual credit. At the time a pupil enrolls in a course, the pupil shall designate the type of credit desired. A pupil taking several courses may designate some for secondary credit, some for postsecondary credit and some for dual credit.
(2)  A school district shall grant academic or career technical credit, as applicable to the course, to a pupil enrolled in a course for secondary credit if the pupil successfully completes the course. Four (4) semester college credits equal at least one (1) full year (two (2) semester credits) of high school credit in that subject. Fewer college credits may be prorated.
(3)  The secondary credits granted to a pupil shall be counted toward the graduation requirements and subject area requirements of the school district. Evidence of successful completion of each course and secondary credits granted shall be included in the pupil’s secondary school record. A pupil shall provide the school with a copy of the pupil’s grade in each course taken for secondary credit under the provisions of this chapter. Upon the request of a pupil, the pupil’s secondary school record shall also include evidence of successful completion and credits granted for a course taken for postsecondary credit. In either case, the record shall indicate that the credits were earned at a postsecondary institution.
(4)  If a pupil enrolls in a postsecondary institution after leaving secondary school, the postsecondary institution shall award postsecondary credit for any course successfully completed for secondary credit at that institution. Other postsecondary institutions may award, after a pupil leaves secondary school, postsecondary credit for any courses successfully completed under the provisions of this chapter. An institution shall not charge a pupil for the award of credit.
(5)  Postsecondary faculty instructing a course for postsecondary, secondary or dual credit shall not be required to obtain a certificate pursuant to chapter 12, title 33, Idaho Code, nor shall the postsecondary faculty be deemed an employee of a school district for any purpose under law.

[33-5109, added 1997, ch. 283, sec. 1, p. 862; am. 1998, ch. 165, sec. 2, p. 560; am. 2017, ch. 88, sec. 2, p. 235.]

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