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33-801.  School district budget. No later than twenty-eight (28) days or, if the conditions provided for in section 33-804(4), Idaho Code, have been met, fourteen (14) days prior to its regular July meeting, the board of trustees of each school district shall have prepared a budget, in form prescribed by the state superintendent of public instruction, and shall have called and caused to be held a public hearing thereon, and at such public hearing, or at a special meeting held no later than fourteen (14) days after the public hearing, shall adopt a budget for the ensuing year. Notice of the hearing shall be posted, and published as prescribed in section 33-402, Idaho Code, and a record of the hearing shall be kept by the clerk of the board of trustees. At the time said notice is given and until the date of the hearing, a copy of the budget shall be available for public inspection at all reasonable times at the administrative offices of the school district, or at the office of the clerk of the district. The board of trustees of each school district shall also prepare and publish, as a part of such notice, a summary statement of the budget for the current and ensuing years. Such statement shall be prepared in a manner consistent with standard accounting practices and in such form as the state superintendent of public instruction shall prescribe, and, among other things, said statement shall show amounts budgeted for all major classifications of income and expenditures, with total amounts budgeted for salary and wage expenditures in each such classification shown separately. Such statement shall show amounts actually expended for the two (2) previous years for the same classification for purposes of comparison. The budgeted dollar amounts of revenue in those categories included within the provisions of section 33-802, Idaho Code, as approved within the adopted budget shall be the same as presented to the respective county commissioners for tax levy purposes.

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