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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-911.  SCHOOL District FACILITIES FUND. (1) There is hereby created in the state treasury the school district facilities fund. The fund shall consist of moneys provided pursuant to sections 57-811 and 63-3638, Idaho Code, and any other legislative transfers or appropriations. Interest earned from the investment of moneys in the fund shall be returned to the fund.
(2)  The moneys in the fund shall be distributed by the state controller to the state department of education by August 1 each year for the purpose of construction or renovation of school facilities. The moneys shall be distributed by the state department of education to each school district, as defined in section 33-1001(21), Idaho Code, on a per-pupil basis, using the average daily attendance calculation provided in section 33-1003A, Idaho Code, except that a student attending less than half-time through a virtual learning program shall not be counted toward that school district’s average daily attendance calculation. The state department of education shall transfer the moneys by no later than August 31 each year to each school district. Such moneys shall be used in place of property tax levy moneys and shall be expended by a school district for one (1) or more of the purposes set forth in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this subsection. Moneys in the fund must be used by a school district in the following order of priority:
(a)  Payment of existing school bonds authorized pursuant to chapter 11, title 33, Idaho Code;
(b)  Payment of supplemental school levies authorized pursuant to section 33-802, Idaho Code, excluding indefinite term supplemental levies described in section 33-802(5), Idaho Code;
(c)  Saved in a reserve account by the school district for future school facility construction or renovation needs; and
(d)  For use in securing and making payments on a new school facilities bond.
(3)  The amount of moneys received by a school district pursuant to this section must be deducted from a school levy that would otherwise have been paid by property taxpayers. Such moneys may not be duplicated by the collection of property tax, and no property taxes may be collected in order to make extra payments on expenses described in subsection (2) of this section in excess of required amounts.
(4)  Each school district shall identify the amount received in the current year pursuant to this section in the certification of its budget in accordance with section 63-803, Idaho Code. Said amount must be subtracted from the amount to be levied. The amount of moneys thereby saved from being collected by a property tax levy shall be reported on each property tax notice pursuant to section 63-902, Idaho Code.
(5)  Each school district shall report annually to the state department of education, in a manner prescribed by it, on the expenditure of moneys it has received pursuant to this section. The state department of education shall present the reports to the legislature each January.

[33-911, added 2023, ch. 200, sec. 2, p. 542.]

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