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34-1007.  counting absentee ballots. (1) In those counties that count ballots at the polls, upon receipt of absent elector’s ballot or ballots, the officer receiving them shall forthwith enclose the same, unopened in a carrier envelope endorsed with the name and official title of such officer and the words: "absent electors’ ballot to be opened only at the polls." He shall hold the same until the delivery of the official ballots to the judges of election of the precinct in which the elector resides and shall deliver the ballot or ballots to the judges with such official ballots.
(2)  In those counties that count ballots at a central location, absentee ballots that are received may, in the discretion of the county clerk, be retained in a secure place in the clerk’s office and such ballots shall be added to the precinct returns at the time of ballot tabulation. Provided, however, for any election that takes place prior to December 31, 2020, absentee ballots may be opened and scanned beginning seven (7) days prior to election day. If the absentee ballots are opened prior to election day, the ballots shall be securely maintained in a nonproprietary electronic access-controlled room under twenty-four (24) hour nonproprietary video surveillance that is livestreamed to the public and which video must be archived for at least ninety (90) days following the election. The ballots shall be boxed and secured in the same access-controlled room each day after being opened or scanned. A minimum of two (2) election officials must be present whenever absentee ballots are accessed. No results shall be tabulated for absentee ballots until the polls close on the day of the election held prior to December 31, 2020.
(3)  The clerk shall deliver to the polls a list of those absentee ballots received to record in the official poll book that the elector has voted.

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