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34-1011.  County clerk’s record of applications for absent elector’s ballots. (1) The county clerk shall keep a record in his office containing a list of names and precinct numbers of electors making application for absent elector’s ballots, together with the date on which such application was made and the date on which such absent elector’s ballot was returned.
(2)  If an absent elector’s ballot is not returned or if it be rejected and not counted, such fact shall be noted on the record.
(3)  If an absent elector’s ballot is returned to the county clerk by the United States post office as undeliverable, the county clerk shall investigate the validity of the absent elector’s registration, and the results of the investigation shall be noted on the record. The secretary of state may promulgate rules to implement proper procedures for investigating the validity of an absent elector’s registration.
(4)  Such record shall be open to public inspection under proper regulations.

[34-1011, added 1970, ch. 140, sec. 172, p. 351; am. 2022, ch. 173, sec. 1, p. 568.]

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