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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


34-1108.  Assistance to voter. (1) If any registered elector is unable, due to physical or other disability, to enter the polling place, he may be handed a ballot outside the polling place but within forty (40) feet thereof by one (1) of the election clerks, and in his presence but in a secret manner, mark and return the same to such election officer who shall proceed as provided by law to record the ballot.
(2)  If any registered elector, who is unable by reason of physical or other disability to record his vote by personally marking his ballot and who desires to vote, then and in that case such elector shall be given assistance by the person of his choice or by one (1) of the election clerks. Such clerk or selected person shall mark the ballot in the manner directed by the elector and fold it properly and present it to the elector before leaving the voting compartment or area provided for such purpose. The elector shall then present it to the judge of election in the manner provided above.

[34-1108, added 1970, ch. 140, sec. 180, p. 351; am. 1972, ch. 349, sec. 4, p. 1033; am. 1978, ch. 37, sec. 1, p. 66; am. 2010, ch. 235, sec. 19, p. 557.]

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