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34-1812C.  Voters’ pamphlet. (1) Not later than September 25 before any regular general election at which an initiative or referendum measure is to be submitted to the people, the secretary of state shall cause to be printed a voters’ pamphlet which shall contain the following:
(a)  A complete copy of the title and text of each measure with the number and form in which the ballot title thereof will be printed on the official ballot;
(b)  A copy of the fiscal impact statement summary for a state measure;
(c)  A copy of the sponsor’s proposed funding source information for a state measure; and
(d)  A copy of the arguments and rebuttals for and against each state measure.
(2)  The secretary of state shall mail or distribute a copy of the voters’ pamphlet to every household in the state. Sufficient copies of the voters’ pamphlet shall also be sent to each county clerk. The county clerk and the secretary of state shall make copies of the voters’ pamphlet available upon request.
(3)  The voters’ pamphlet shall be printed according to the following specifications:
(a)  The pages of the pamphlet shall be not smaller than 6 x 9 inches in size;
(b)  It shall be printed in clear, readable type, no less than 10-point, except that the text of any measure may be set forth in no less than 7-point type;
(c)  It shall be printed on a quality and weight of paper that, in the judgment of the secretary of state, best serves the voters;
(d)  If the material described in subsection (1) of this section is combined in a single publication with constitutional amendments, the entire publication shall be treated as a legal notice.

[34-1812C, added 1979, ch. 135, sec. 4, p. 431; am. 1984, ch. 114, sec. 1, p. 258; am. 2020, ch. 317, sec. 4, p. 904.]

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