Idaho Statutes

34-408A.  Election day registration. An individual who is eligible to vote may register on election day by appearing in person at the polling place for the precinct in which the individual maintains residence, by completing a registration application, making an oath in the form prescribed by the secretary of state and providing proof of residence. An individual may prove residence for purposes of registering by:
(1)  Showing an Idaho driver’s license or Idaho identification card issued through the department of transportation; or
(2)  Showing any document which contains a valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card; or
(3)  Showing a current valid student photo identification card from a postsecondary educational institution in Idaho accompanied with a current student fee statement that contains the student’s valid address in the precinct.
Election day registration provided in this section shall apply to all elections conducted under title 34, Idaho Code, and to school district and municipal elections.
An individual who is eligible to vote may also register, upon providing proof of residence, at the "absent electors’ polling place" provided in section 34-1006, Idaho Code.

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